Monday, September 21, 2009

27th August - Rain in Rishikesh

Got caught in the rain yesterday while walking along the Ganga in Ram Jhoola in Rishikesh. Ram Jhoola is surrounded by temples along the Ganga. It is a very beautiful and unique place. While walking i came across a Rishi under a shelter. I gave my Namaskar to him while hurrying along and i heard a voice behind me as i passed him. I looked and it was him calling me to him. Wow. What did he want, i wondered. I went up to him with reverence. The rain was now pelting down and i was soaked. He called me closer. "What is your name?" He asked. "Vishalin" I replied, anticipating some Sidhi, some grace, some timeless words of wisdom from him. Perhaps something to help me further along the path. He smiled, gestured that i come closer and then whispered in my ear; "Vishalin.....that is a good name. You want to buy Hashish?" I smiled and hurried along my path. The rain was pelting down. My camera was beginning to get wet to i sought some shelter underneath some food and clothing stalls. A voice called out to me. It sounded familiar. It was coming from a coffee shop opposite me. It was my friend Patrick, the French Yoga teacher whom i met at Mukti's restaurant the other day. He had a warm smile on his face and asked me to come in and spend some time with him. He had a friend with Him, another French man named Francois who pulled out a box of Jenga and we played, the three of us, with hot cups of Chai. Perfect way to celebrate a rainy afternoon. After the game of Jenga, which i turn out to be very good at (i have never played it in this life before) :) Patrick asked if i had seen the Aarti at Parmat Neketan? I had not so i decided to go along with him. What an amazing experience. About 500 to 1000 people gather on the ghat with musicians and vedic students chanting the mantras. All in front of an amazing stone carving of Shiva who sits further into the Ganga on a concrete bridge. Alone and untouched. I was very moved being there.