Thursday, December 3, 2009


This space was made for you.
I'm here now.  I will wait for you.
And while i do, I'll rest here in the water.

There's a story i would like to share with you.
It may tear your heart to pieces and shatter your dreams to dust.
It is a story without words. Will you listen?


There's a song i would like to sing to you
It may move your mind to magic and give wings to your weary soul.
It is a song without a tune.  Will you hear?

Staring at a whirlpool of wonder
afraid to move, afraid to touch, afraid to feel.
History is blinding, memories aren't real.

I am here now.  Give me your hand.
I am here now.  With all that i am.
I will not drop you. I will not let you go
Come, find rest here in the water.