Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please oh please

The oil from this lamp, it is fading
And i know that the darkness surrounds
I've been keeping it safe for the burning
But the flame has been burning me down

Come and catch one more glimpse at the sweetest of flames
Come and see all your eyes have to see
One day soon i'll be gone like the ending of day
One day soon dawns the ending of me

I am good.  I am great.  I am someone indeed.
Magnificent, please come and see.  Let me
live let me live off the offerings you give
to the warm hearted image of me.

I am dark.  I am gross.  I am evil indeed.
I am bad to the bone. Come and see.  Let me breathe,
im in need of your harshest of words, of your
violent perceptions of me.

The oil from this lamp, it is fading
And i fear the darkness surrounds
Whatever my thoughts are about me,
this flame has been burning them down.

Come and save one more spark from this fire
Come and see me for all I can be;
I'm afraid, my dear love, of being one with this space,
with the emptiness inside of me.