Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An email to Kindness

Vishalin Vandiar 
Mia Voss

Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 11:36 AM
Re: Beautiful Soul

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Hello my love

This is great news.  You have been a testimony of love, patience and perseverance.  I have been thinking of you a lot Aminia.  You would really love it here.  I have had so many adventures already that it will take a long time to start putting them on the blog (i am determined to do so and will however :)

I have met some very special beings, the likes of which i have never met before.  I have been in the presence of those who have transcended ego and they have welcomed me with love.  I have looked into the eyes of those in whom the entire universe seems to exist and have been drawn to tears by loves pure gaze.  I have walked at least 19km of mountains through glaciers to the source: the glacier where Ganga is born.  I have followed my heart through passes into villages where i have been welcomed as god.  I have made family and friends there.  I have communicated with so few words and am learning how to communicate with heart.  Kindness is born here.  Love in the expression of kindness is the language of the villagers. I have stayed at an ashram where people from all over the world meet from different walks of life to do intense yoga, sadhana and chanting at least twice a day.  These things have an ability to change ones constitution.  I am hoping i would be the better for it.  I have meditated in a hall with the most revered sadhus and rishis in the north districts.  I was the only non-renunciate there.  I have done a course on Ayurvedic massasge and Abhyanga and have been giving  massages at the ashram in Rishikesh.  :) (practice makes perfect)

I have been drinking the local water.  Eating the local food.  Playing in the mud. dancing in the rain.  laughing with the children.  prostrating on the roadside in front of murtis and idols.  teasing the cows.  laughing with the beggars.  swimming in the ganges.  walking barefoot.  picking flowers.  meditating with rishis.  I have not been sick to date (touch wood).  this feels like home.

I will be staying longer.  (i dont know how much longer)  Then i will be off to nepal.  I was at an orphanage in Rishikesh called Ramanas kids.  And it has blown me away.  i have made some good friends there and would like to be further involved.  i have too many things to share.

I miss you very much.  I miss my family as well.  lots of things have been surfacing here that have needed my attention for some time now but i have been unaware of.  India has been healing me to date.  i am very grateful.  To divine Mother in all her love and mercy.  My hope is that Vishalin continues to dissintegrate and dissolve like the incense until all that is left is a sweet aroma for humanity.  Please pray for this.


love and light