Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stupa Fun

Babita, one of my friends, came by today. She met Tenzin. Instant connection.  We decided to go for a walk to the Stupa and then around it a few times. Tenzin's face lit up like a light bulb when i told him.  The child loves the Stupa.  He kept asking: "How many times around?"  I was not sure why he was so excited until we reached.  (normally i try to be serious when doing Cora.  It is hard to be this way when a 6 year old keeps challenging you to run as fast as you can, to take ad-hoc pictures of strangers, to grab powdered incense while the shopkeeper turns his back and then throw it into the air as quickly as you can, to chase the birds and try and catch a few while they are flying toward the stupa and to do karate and wrestle whilst weaving your way through monks.  I learn a lot from this little one.  I think he is a keeper.) oh and yes................ IT WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cant wait to go again.