Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On Meeting

Night makes the stars seem bright.  Clouds may cover the mystery, but nothing is hidden from the great expanse.  Kajol eyes tell a story, half hidden by doubting glances.  Still nothing is unseen to the one who loves completely.

There is a resonance deep within. There is a subtle space of perfect union.  There is freedom not yet known to the senses.  But Oh, lets not go there.  Its too risky.  What  if???  Lets stay here in this colorful illsuion for a while.  Lets tease each other with our careless words.  Lets play some more with thoughts and ideas and neglect.  Lets add more mass to a massive mind while we forget our inner sky.

A lifetime, maybe two or three.  Who knows??  Although separation means suffering, although heads may clash and these narrow walls get closer;  still there is some meaning in frivolous occupation.  But is there?  I dont know, sometimes the mind seems so content with artifacts and ornaments of yesterday; it will so readily exchange the now for yesterdays longing and tomorrows fear.

Never here.  Never now.  Like a withered old man with inflated memories and the crippling thought of impending death.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The way of seeing (part 1)

"Art is the way of seeing."  The silence became louder as this truth resounded in the space between us.  Two Beings joined together by this simple joy.  I knew this encounter would change something in me forever......

The sun shone bright above, leaving shadows of neo-classical carvings on the parched earth below. Fascinated by the architecture of the place, I roamed from room to room, from pillar to post.  So many things to see.  The building, Sita Bhavan, once a Rana palace, was supposedly built for the second wife of the Prince.  It is now being used by Bal Mandir, the childrens home that i have been spending some of my time in, and by the Nepal Association of fine arts.  An interesting convergence of painters, sculptors, children and aspiring artisans.

The time was 11:30am.  I did not know this then, but next few hours would leave a lasting imprint on me forever.  Two exhibitions were being held concurrently.  The Nepal-Korea art exhibition and a painting exhibition on Emotion.  The Nepal-Korea exhibition included:

A sketch art exhibition by artist Kim, Jae Un:

A natural dye exhibition by Jeon Hee Kwan entitled "Karma":

Last was an exhibition by Lee Gyeong Hyeong entitled "Plastic Cocoon":

I met both artists Lee Gyeong hyeong and Jeon Hee Kwan and was touched by their humility and their love and passion for people.  It was a blessed encounter.

I left the exhibition feeling energized and walked down the dimly lit corridor into a room on the left.  There was an exhibition on emotions: