Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sherpa Funeral

Withered hands holding gently onto clumps of wood
Tender eyes tell the story of many a days of friendship shared
Gentle smile giving rise to surrender and acceptance.

Heart felt stories.  Now one is left alone to tell them.
These are the stories of love and faith and perseverance.
These are the stories of hardship and courage.

As we moved down from the Mountains into the Valley
As we braved the dry season and the storms.
This is who we are.  This is our life:
In the One without a second.  In the duty.  In the community.

We are here together.  We are one; in your life and in your departure.
I will remember you.  More than others.  This is my final wish to you:
May your soul take wind in blue skies, may it find joy in the clouds
May it dance in the sun, may it find greener pastures in the life hereafter as it
takes form in the earth again.