Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why This Site is Up

It is said that somewhere in the mountains up North, past Hardwar, past Rishikesh, past Gangotri and beyond is the region of the mysterious cave dwellers; holy men of the mountains. It is said that they often veil themselves, choosing a life of solace and quietude. Forsaking wealth, family, status and all worldly acclaim, from different parts of the continent, they retreat to this part of the world where an age old tradition of Master and Disciple continues. Where the rivers whisper their charm and the ancient Mantra's resonate with nature, with great love, new bonds are formed. It is believed that these sages appear only to those whom they have foreseen somewhere in the realm of the invisible and to whom they have chosen as disciples well before the meeting. Great feats they have been known to perform, miraculous feats: actions that defy logic and science. Most of all, they are spoken of as living Masters, filled with compassion and love, filled with wisdom and insight into the constitution of all things manifest and unmanifest and with the ability to take one deep into the Self. Whether this is true or not, i do not know for sure. All I have are the books, the stories and a mysterious vision. I am going to this place. I am going to find out for myself. If i may be lucky enough to meet an enlightened master, i am not sure what i would do. Perhaps i would stop and take a picture, maybe smile and in some way try to communicate with this timeless soul. Maybe i would prostrate and offer myself as a sacrifice. I am not sure. I would like very much to go for myself and see. It is said that when the disciple is ready, that the Master would avail himself. This has long been the tradition in India, the place i am traveling to 3 days from now; The birth place of my forefathers. I invite you to come with me on this journey; from the noisy streets of Delhi to the various Ashrams, temples and holy places, to the backwaters and villages, to the mountains of the Himalayas. I am going as an observer. I will be watching for the Brahmagyani: The one who has transcended ego. The cosmic Christ who i began to love as a boy. The eternal "I am" manifest. The one who is complete in the Self. The Word made flesh again. The one who is a fragrance, a life force and a sacrifice to this planet. This is our journey. This is a collective input. We belong to each other. If i am discouraged in my efforts then i am comforted by the fact that India is diverse and rich in its multifaceted people, traditions, renditions and nuances. I will take comfort in the every day lives of the people there, in the noise and in the silence. We will be posting here for the next few months. We will be putting up pictures and sharing incidents, thoughts and reflections from these travels. Stop by here on a daily basis as this blog evolves. Be included in this adventure. Welcome. Let us enjoy this journey together.